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Concrete bulk Tanker

This truck hauls different grades of concrete powder in it’s pods.Concrete bulk tanker 2

Potty truck

Many variations of body design available.  Just need a photo of your truck to do yours.  Choose a cab from my site.potty truck

Propane Truck

A modern gas truck for residential delivery.propane truck

Oil Field Vacuum Truck

This truck separates the oil from the sand at the oil fields of Alberta Canada.  Value $500,000.Oil Field Truck

Logger Truck

logger truckThis logger truck comes with or without a pup trailer.  We have done as many as five axles on truck and trailer which is called the Michigan Train.

Mack DM 800

This Mack was designed for dump trucks and mixers only.  Heavy duty truck owners discovered they could put other bodies on this chassis and have one tough dependable truck.g

Gap Vac

This is the Gap Vac Corp. “Cyclone” vacuum truck.  Many cabs available.Gap Vac

Oshkosh Front Exit Mixer

Rainbow truckRainbow truck

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New York City Plow Truck

Note chemical container on the sidesOrange Plow Truck


Customarily used as an off road cab.  This enterprising owner figured to put the chassis under a dump truck providing him with one tough on roadGreen truck truck.

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